"Sa panahon ng pandemya may karamay ka"


On October 16, 2020, the TULONG KABAYAN was launched by three different organizations, specifically the Filipino Migrants in Solidarity (FILMIS), Media Correspondent Volunteer Organization (MCVO) and Filipino Catholic Church (FCC) at the Marthakerk. 

 The main objective of the TULONG KABAYAN is to reach out to undocumented Filipino migrants in the Hague who have been adversely affected by the pandemic crisis. The organizations would distribute vouchers given by Red Cross to Filipino beneficiaries. 

 The vouchers were sponsored by AH via Red Cross, and each voucher is cost 15 euros. In lieu of food boxes, the Red Cross has decided to give the beneficiaries with vouchers so that they could choose what food they like to buy from AH. Each beneficiary is only entitled to receive one voucher a week every Friday for 1-month. But, if one belongs to a household composed of 3 people, he or she is entitled to 2 vouchers. 

Red Cross emphasised that voucher is a food assistance for undocumented people who lose their jobs due to pandemic crisis. To make sure that it is used to buy food, beneficiaries are required to keep their receipts with them and present to Red Cross  when they claim their 2nd voucher on the following week. 

So far there were 60 beneficiaries who claimed their vouchers during the distribution. The organizations will distribute again on Sunday, October 18, 2020.